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Including Kids has served over one thousand families through various service offerings 

  • Full-time Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) programming
  • After-School Programs
  • Please see our after-school page for a list of groups offered.
  • Community Outreach Initiatives FREE to the public (i.e. Parents Night Out, Autism Friendly
  • Events, Babysitter’s Course)
  • Behavioral Therapy Consultation or Assessment
  • Fundamental Behavior Skills
  • Ready for Life Young Adult Program
  • FREE Saturday Support Workshops
  • Lunch & Learn Workshops

(Approximate Ages 2-11): Operates using a one-to-one client to therapist ratio, with intensive behavioral intervention conducted at each child’s individual skill level/need addressing the areas of language and communication, social skills, executive functioning, academics, self-help and behavior. Opportunities for inclusion in mainstream settings are available as the clients are ready.

(Approximate Ages 9-15): Operates using a one-to-one client to therapist ratio. Designed to help clients transition from a discrete trial program into a more independent and typical learning environment while still incorporating core behavioral principles including shaping, reinforcement, task analysis, and token systems as needed for each client.

We have built partnerships with various private schools in the area where we have established satellite sites of our program. As clients are ready, we provide support to allow for exposure to mainstream classrooms for portions of their day using behavioral based decisions. Clients in these programs are learning to generalize various skills to group environments and acquire new skills within the context of a group, while still incorporating individualized research-based behavioral interventions. Individualized treatment plans, behavior interventions, and a variety of technologies including shaping, reinforcement and token systems, allow for each client to bridge the gap between the clinic and mainstream settings.

(Approximate Ages 15-22): Operates using a one-to-one client to therapist ratio. Support levels vary depending on individual needs focusing on teaching functional academics, meaningful life skills, and vocational readiness skills. The goal of this program is to provide an age-appropriate setting for young adults on the autism spectrum to learn important life skills. This is accomplished through a mixture of individual, group and community teaching methods.

(Approximate Ages 16-30): A program serving young adults in a centralized community setting with a focus of acquiring and/or generalizing the necessary life skills to be as independent as possible while being an active member of our community. CCI addresses communication and social skills through the following domains: applied academics, prevocational/vocational skills, domestic skills, leisure skills, safety skills and community skills. Participants in this program need to have adaptive behavior skills which can be addressed in the natural environment with less intrusive support services.

(Ages 4-17) After-school instruction that provides children and young adults important supplemental life skills such as organization, conversational skills, body language skills, and more. These programs additionally offer academic tutoring in various subjects with a centralized one to one teacher to client ratio. During our after school programs, we address age-related group skills, focusing on the client’s ability to express themselves appropriately and work with others. The programs are offered on varying weekdays and typically last from one to two hours.