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*This is a list of providers that either parents have used or have been referred to us. Everyone has different experiences with their providers. Please do your own research on these providers to assure they meet your individual needs.*

Autism & Special Needs Resources

Texas Autism Advocacy – One of the most comprehensive sites for parents looking for information on autism in the state of Texas.

FEAT Houston – Provides information on autism, ABA treatment and support groups in the Houston and Texas area.

Autism Speaks – New York based advocacy group recognized for raising autism awareness, research, legislation and scientific grants.

APBA Consumer Guidelines – Consumer Guidelines for Identifying, Selecting and Evaluating Behavior Analysts Working with Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Cerebral Palsy Group – Provides information about cerebral palsy, as well as resources for support, financial assistance and more.

Government Assistance

Social Security Administration – Social Security Supplemental Income (SSI) Provides monthly financial assistance for children with disabilities. Children eligible for SSI automatically receive Medicaid.
Phone 866.591.7734 | Toll Free: 1-800-772-1213

Department of Family and Protective Services – The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) works with communities to protect children, the elderly, and people with disabilities from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. It also works to protect the health and safety of children in daycare, as well as foster care and other types of 24-hour care. We do this through investigations, services and referrals, regulation, and prevention programs. DFPS has four major programs that do this important work.
Phone 713-940-5200

MHMRA of Harris County/Tri-CountyMHMR – Serves children 0-4 years with developmental delays in 2 or more areas as well as children and adults with diagnoses of mental retardation, autism, down syndrome and physical disabilities.
Phone: 713.970.7000 | County/Mental Health: 936.521.6400 | County Mental Retardation: 936.521.6226

Home and Community Based Services Program (HCS) of MHMR Harris County: 713.970.7799 | Tri-County MHMR: 936.521.6226

Medically Dependent Children’s Waiver Program (MDCP) – A Medicaid Waiver Program, child is eligible depending on income and assets. MDCP provides respite options such as nursing, attendant care, host families, out of home respite and home modifications for medically fragile children.
Texas Department of Aging and Disability Service: 1-877-438-5658

Community Living Assistance and Support Services – A Medicaid Waiver Program, child is eligible depending on income and assets. CLASS provides home and community based services to people who are developmentally disabled. Services include physical, occupational, speech therapy, nursing, respite, adaptive aides, orthopedic/communication devices, psychological counseling, and more.
Texas Department of Aging and Disability Service: 1-877-438-5658

Community Based Alternative Program (CBA) – Provides home and community based services to individuals 21+ with physical disabilities.
Harris County: 713-767-2000 | Tri-County: 936-521-6219

In-Home and Family Support Programs (IHFS) – May provide up to $2500 yearly for expenses related to disability. Payment is based on needs identified by family and approved by the agency.
Harris County: 713.970.7799 | Tri County: 396-521-6219