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Volunteering at InKids

We are happy to have you come volunteer with us sometime! Below are some examples of how you might be able to help us out:

  • Being a guest speaker at our workshops
  • Helping with housekeeping and repairs
  • Being a peer model in a social group (kids only)
  • Sharing a talent or skill (woodworking, painting, golfing) with our clients
  • Helping with babysitting during Including Kids Saturday workshops and Friday Night Parents’ Night Out
  • Helping at an Autism Awareness event such as Bingo, Santa’s Workshop, etc. 

Other ways to support InKids:

  • Being an Including Kids job site partner
  • Being a social media partner (Like, Share, Post, Connect)
  • Being an Including Kids, Inc. ambassador in your community (spread awareness)
  • Set up and run a fundraiser (i.e. toy drive, book drive, raise money for a specific need, collect gift cards, etc.)

Volunteer requirements:

  • 13 years of age or older, younger children may be able to volunteer with an adult
  • Background check to be completed by InKids (will require your personal information)
  • Complete our 1-hour volunteer orientation training before starting volunteer work
  • Ability to commit to the hours you sign up for
Due to the nature of our work with a protected population of children, we are unable to accept volunteers looking for court-appointed community service hours. If you are interested in volunteering with us, contact us at 281-852-0501 for more information!